Pick Your Own Strawberries

Typical Picking Season: June

Have you ever bitten into a plump red strawberry that’s been warmed by the sun? There’s nothing quite like a perfectly ripe strawberry that has just been picked from the field!

Pick your own deliciously sweet, fresh strawberries during the spring at Stony Hill Farms! Picking your own berries is easy and fun, and it doesn’t take long to fill a basket. Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C and low in calories!

The strawberry fields are open for picking on select dates during the growing season.

U-Pick Strawberry Details

  • Season: Typically in June
  • Hours: Daily 10AM – 5PM (Last entry at 4pm)
  • Entry Fee: $9.99/person (plus tax)
    Price includes admission to the field and 1 quart of berries
  • Additional Berries: $6.99/quart

Please call (908) 879-2908 or check our Facebook page to check availability or potential weather closings.

U-Pick Policies & Info

  • Customers must follow all rules and regulations
  • Customers must stay in fields that are designated for picking
  • Please pick only what you intend to purchase
  • Absolutely no eating of any produce in the fields
  • For good safety reasons, guests are not permitted to bring their own containers
  • Pets are not allowed due to health regulations
  • All picking activities are outdoors in our farm fields and require walking long distances
  • Fields are on uneven ground so please dress appropriately
  • What to wear: outdoor clothing, comfortable closed toe shoes
  • What to bring: sunblock, water, insect repellent
  • When you arrive, staff will provide containers (when applicable), entry wristbands, and directions to picking fields

Handicap & Stroller Accessibility

Our u-pick fields are not easily handicap accessible due to rugged terrain. Strollers are permitted but are extremely difficult to push on the ground, and carriers are recommended.

Enjoy Jersey-Fresh Deliciousness from the Farm

Reserve your spot for berry picking and fun at Stony Hill Farms!

Other Fun

When you visit the farm during strawberry season, don’t miss out on other fun!

Hayrides (Weekends Only)

During the weekend, take a hayride (included with your entry fee) out to the strawberry fields and enjoy the sights and sounds of the farm!

Guests may also opt to walk to the fields if they prefer.


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Noah's Ark Playground

Our children’s play area consists of a giant Noah’s Ark, featuring ladders, slides, and a top deck lookout. Surrounding the area are picnic tables where you can sit and watch your children play.

Trike Rides

Race to the finish line! Put your pedaling skills to the test as you race your family and friends around our trike track!

Barnyard Board Game

Play our life-sized boardgame! Consider this an Agricultural-themed Candyland, where you play as the game piece! Big, bright, and colorful, this boardgame provides fun for all.

Rope Maze

Nautical rope forms a path leading to the deck of a pirate ship. Kids can weave through the rope and ring the giant bell when they master the maze and reach the center.

Strawberry Tips & Information

Strawberry Picking Tips

  • For longer lasting berries, pick only strawberries that are completely red, plump, and firm. (Berries will not ripen more once they have been picked.)
  • Twist your strawberries off the vine rather than pulling them OR gently pinch the stem of the berry at least 1/4-inch from the berry between your thumb and index finger. Leaving a stem on the berry will help prevent bruising and help yuor strawberries last longer.
  • Be gentle. Strawberries bruise easily.
  • For jams and baking, pick strawberries that are a little more ripe and slightly soft.
  • Don’t forget to look under the leaves to find hidden berries.
  • To prevent bruising, don’t overfill your containers or try to pack the strawberries down.
  • The best time to pick in the morning or early evening to avoid any damage that the sun might to do you berries.

Strawberry Storage

  • Carefully place berries in a shallow container to reduce bruising from piling them to high in a container
  • For optimum freshness, store berries in a refrigerator at 35-38 degrees
  • Don’t wash berries or remove caps until you are ready to use them
  • Freeze berries that you cannot use right away

Freezing Strawberries

  • Wash, dry, cut the hulls off then place berries on a baking sheet (not touching), and freeze until solid
  • Transfer the frozen berries to a ziplock freezer bag, removing as much air as possible
  • Date the package and place in freezer
  • Store in the freezer for us to 10-12 months