Family-owned New Jersey Farm, Market, & Maze Fun Park 

NJ-grown produce, plants, baked goods, seasonal decor, and fun for the whole family!

NJ Greenhouse & Garden Center - Chester, NJ

Gardens (Rt 24)

Seasonal Plants, Orchids, Floral Shop, Garden Supplies & Seasonal Decorations

NJ Farm Market - Chester, NJ - Produce, plants, baked goods, and more

Farm Market (North Rd)

Fresh Produce, Local Dairy & Meats, Baked Goods, Seasonal Plants, & More

NJ U-Pick Farm - Chester, NJ - apple picking

U-Pick (North Rd)

Pick Your Own Apples, Pumpkins, Strawberries, & Vegetables

NJ Maze Fun Park - Fun for the whole family

Fun Park (North Rd)

Fresh Produce, Local Dairy & Meats, Baked Goods, Seasonal Plants

Farmer's Markets - NJ and NYC - Produce, plants, baked goods, and more

Farmers' Markets

Jersey-Fresh Produce, Plants, and Other Local Goods at a Location Near You!

We are certified NJDA Organic

Stony Hill is farming for the future

Farm Share Examples - Jersey Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Weekly farm shares of Jersey-fresh produce & local goods

Choose a location near you and pick-up weekly shares of the highest quality produce, meat, eggs, cheese, and/or ice cream during our growing season. Various share options are available to fit your preferences.

Farm News, Events, & Highlights

Farm News & Info

What's In Season

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