Stony HIll CSA Farm Share Program

A farm share program (also known as a CSA or community supported agriculture program) is a relationship that directly connects consumers with farmers. In return for an advanced annual payment, which helps us prepare for the upcoming year’s production and harvest, share members receive a weekly share of high-quality produce and other goods during the growing season.

Our program is available in several locations including Chester, Hoboken, Jersey City, NYC, Riverdale, South Orange, and Weehawken. We also offer a corporate program to local businesses.

What makes Stony Hill’s CSA Farm Share program different?

Our CSA family are members of a local food system, gaining access to the freshest food from the moment of harvest. The CSA season runs approximately June through November and we offer an eclectic selection of box sizes and varieties, including meat, cheese, and ice cream shares available to select locations!

Our boxes also boast a larger percentage of fruit on average throughout the season versus other CSA programs; when our fruit is in season, we want you to experience the entirety of the season as it’s happening. This means more berries, melons, and apples all season long!

We take pride in what we do and want to share it with our community – when you support us, you’re supporting a small family farm.

Farm Share Benefits

When buying into our CSA Farm Share program, you’re buying into the farm itself; with weekly recipes, coupons, and event notices, as well as an exclusive 10% discount on any purchases made at our home store or ANY of our market locations.

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Fresh Produce Share Options

Farm Share members will receive boxes of fresh produce each week throughout the growing season. The following are examples of what members may expect to find in their boxes (depending on what is in season at the time): Lettuce, carrots, peaches, kale, broccoli, radishes, leeks, summer squash, cucumbers, beets, celery, strawberries, blueberries, herbs, cauliflower, onions, potatoes, garlic, apples, scallions, peppers, tomatoes, sweet corn etc.

Full Share

A full share is approximately one bushel box of in-season, freshly picked, assorted produce. This share is perfect for a larger family or for a family of 2 that rely heavily on vegetable consumption throughout each week.

Recommended for a 4-6 person home

Half Share

A half share is approximately one half of a bushel, filled with in season, freshly picked, assorted produce recommended for a 2-3 person home.

Recommended for a 2-3 person home

Personal Share

A personal share is a half bruce brimming with in season, freshly picked, assorted produce recommended for an individual or single person home.

Recommended for a single person home

Mo Choice Share

This is our most flexible CSA farm share option offered – perfect for the individual or family looking to support their local farm with a personally customized farm share experience. Receive a prepaid membership card at the start of the season that allows you to acquire the freshest produce  and goods each week at our farm or ANY of our market locations throughout the season!

Design your own healthy food journey and be a part of our farm family today!

Other Share Options

Visit our online store for availability and pricing!

Meat Shares

Our farm fresh meat shares are available for pick-up at select locations during our growing season. Each weekly share is comprised of 3 cuts of freshly frozen poultry, pork, and/or beef, approximately 3 pounds total, and will vary week by week in type and cut. For shares that are 24 week or more, members will receive a fresh frozen turkey from Ashley Farms as their final share box of the season.

Meat shares are available as a stand-alone option or as an add-on to a produce share membership. 

Cheese Shares

Our cheese shares are comprised of locally-made artisan cheeses, available for pick-up or delivery at select locations each week during the growing season. The options include:

A weekly share of fresh mozzarella, choice between either (1) half pound ball per week or (2) half pound balls per week.

Each week you will receive a half pound of fresh, farmstead cheese made with local ingredients, with a multitude of varieties. 

Semi-Hard Cheeses: Bacon, Berry, Boursin, Farmhouse Onion, Garlic, Garlic & Pepper, Hot Pepper, Monterey Jack, Original, Olive, Pepper Jack, Tomato Basil, or Vegetable.

Cheese Curd Flavors: Chipotle, Garlic & Herb, Plain, Ranch, or Tomato Basil.

Cheese shares are available as a stand-alone option or as an add on to a produce share membership. 

Homemade Ice Cream Shares

Our homemade ice cream, made right here at the farm, is available as a weekly share for pick-up at select locations during our growing season. Each week, you’ll receive 1 pint of ice cream with flavors ranging from the traditional to nontraditional as well as seasonal– peach, apple, sweet cream, pumpkin, strawberry, maple, peppermint, eggnog, and so much more.

Ice cream shares are available as a stand-alone option or as an add-on to a produce share membership. 


Add cage-free brown organic eggs to your weekly produce share in either a half dozen, one dozen, or two dozen capacity. Each week you will receive the quantity you choose for the entirety of the share season.

Eggs are only available as an add-on to a produce share membership.

CSA Farm Share FAQ

The growing season provides ample possibilities in terms of produce you may find in your CSA box. Vegetables such as assorted herbs, potatoes, onions, cauliflower, garlic, scallions, peppers, lettuce, carrots, peaches, kale, broccoli, radishes, leeks, summer squash, cucumbers, beets, and celery as well as fruit like strawberries, blueberries, melons, apples, cherries, and more are some of the many options you may receive in your box. Everything is seasonal and will only be found in your weekly share as it is harvested.

We at Stony Hill try to create diversity in every weekly box and provide an abundance of fruits and vegetables that are in season, when they are in season. It is never certain when things will be harvested or if weather permits the successful growth of a crop, but we strive to make each box unique for the entire growing season from week to week and month to month. This diversity extends to our other shares as well; meat, cheese, and ice cream shares will vary week to week throughout the entire CSA season.

Our CSA season begins in early June and ends mid-November. The number of weeks may vary according to your location. Check out our Harvest Calendar to see when our produce is typically ready for harvest at Stony Hill throughout the entire year!

We are a big proponent of sustainable farming, utilizing a program called Integrated Pest Management – IPM for short. This program is used on all our fruits and vegetables. Working in congruence with Rutgers University, we perform site assessments, monitoring, and pest prevention in combination with a variety of pest management tactics to keep pests within acceptable limits. Such tactics include physical, horticultural, mechanical, sustainable, and biological controls with selective use of pesticides when needed. If you’d like to learn more, click on our Growing Practices page to find out how Stony Hill is farming for the future. LEARN MORE

Although the transaction seems simple enough, we do not condone swapping of box items with items for sale at any of our retail locations.

We offer numerous pick-up and drop off locations throughout the NJ and NYC area. Check out our online store to view pick-up delivery locations and date options.

NOTE: You may only choose to pick up your share in one location for the entirety of that season. Once a location is confirmed, you may not have your share delivered to a different location.

For current pricing information, please see our online store for list of options.

Yes, we do offer a corporate farm share program. Check out our Corporate Membership Program section for more details.

If for whatever reason you are unable to pick up your share, you may have a family member or friend pick up the share for you. If the share is not picked up at the scheduled location during the designated time, your box will be forfeit. Your share may not be picked up at another location and you will not receive a refund or store credit. Any boxes left uncollected at the end of the day will be donated to the Chester Food Pantry.

Reminders are sent 1-2 days before your share pick-up date. These reminders also include a description of what you’ll find in your box for that week, along with some enticing recipes that showcase the items in your box.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at We usually respond within 24 hours of your inquiry. You can also keep up to date with our latest Farm Share news and other program information by visiting our Stony Hill Farm Share (CSA) Facebook page!

Become a Member

To become a Farm Share member, you may order your share online or download a printable application. Shares can be purchased using credit card or check. Credit card payments can be made online, in person, or over the phone. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. EBT and Food Stamps are not accepted for Farm Share memberships.

2024 farm share are now available!

We offer shares to the locations listed below. Choose your location from the list below and then select the share option(s) you would like:

Home Delivery
Grove Street Farmers’ Market
Hamilton Park Farmers’ Market
Paulus Hook Farmers’ Market
Riverview Farmers’ Market

Home Delivery

Stony Hill Farm Market

New York City, NY (Pick-Up Location)
Maplewood, NJ (Pick-Up Location)
Riverdale, NJ (Pick-Up Location)
South Orange, NJ (Pick-Up Location)
Weehawken, NJ (Home Delivery)
West New York, NJ (Home Delivery)

Or choose our Mo Choice Farm Share option, which can be used at any market location.

Download the CSA Application form and submit with check. Checks can be made payable to Stony Hill Gardens and mailed or brought to:

Stony Hill Gardens
ATTN: CSA Membership
8 Route 24
Chester, NJ 07930

Please call (908)798-8621 to sign up.

Corporate Membership Program

Are you looking to add to an existing wellness plan and/or promote healthy living among your employees? How about providing them with the opportunity to enjoy fresh, local produce from our family operated farm through our Corporate Farm Share (CSA) Program?

  1. Appoint a “Captain” – This person is responsible for managing the pick-up of their group’s shares. They need to be organized and available for at least two hours on a Thursday.
  2. Sign up members – At least 25 applications and membership payments must be gathered and sent to Stony Hill. (If you are not able to recruit 25 members, please contact us and we may still be able to accommodate you.)
  3. Provide a pick-up location and time – Designate a secure, shaded area for your employees to pick up their weekly shares of produce. Examples of pick-up areas include: lobbies, cafeterias, etc.

View existing corporate membership locations & options

For more information about getting involved in our Corporate Farm Share (CSA) Program, please contact us at (908)798-8621 or email

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