Why Buy Local?

Stony Hill Farms is a family-operated small business. We know what it’s like to try to feed our families on what we grow for a living, so we try to support and invest in other local businesses in Chester and the surrounding area whenever possible. So why is it so important to buy local? Here are some benefits to supporting local small and family businesses.

Local food is local money.

When you eat local, it means your money is staying within the community. Every dollar spent generates twice as much income for the local economy since the money never leaves the consumer cycle. Plus, when we buy local foods, we’re creating more intimate relationships with the people who grow our food, because they are our neighbors.

Local food is fresh food.

Local produce is unequivocally fresher and at the peak of ripeness because it is harvested and sold within a 24-hour time period. Conventional chain supermarkets and food stores provide you produce that has the potential of being picked and stored days to weeks in advance. Local food has a longer time to ripen on the vine since transportation distances from harvest to seller are dramatically reduced. Longer time on the vine equals a tastier vegetable without a doubt.

Eating local reduces our carbon footprint.

Stony Hill promotes the “green” movement both within our farm practices and with our contributions to our community. When you eat local, you’re removing transportation costs and energy consumption, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. When the food you eat doesn’t travel long distances, we’re also promoting better air quality and reducing pollution.

Food has seasons.

Local food is seasonal and keeps members of the community in touch with our geographical seasons. When you buy local, you’re committing to what’s in season when it’s in season and understanding that not everything is grown and available year-round. This means what is growing is more abundant, is at its least expensive price, and at its peak of availability.

Buying local is a fulfilling act.

Buying your produce from a family farm is vastly more fulfilling when you know the backstory of where your food came from. Knowing these beautiful products were grown by your neighbor is so much more enjoyable than supporting a faceless chain brand.

Local food is a proponent for environmental stewardship.

Buying local food supports local farmers and gives them reasons to maintain their pastures and farms without resorting to developing the farmland. Cultivated farmland that uses less chemicals, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers overall increases biodiversity in our local ecosystems and promotes healthy flora and fauna.

We are certified NJDA Organic

Stony Hill is farming for the future