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More fruit.

Real fruit.

Minimal intervention. Natural and sustainable winemaking. We strive to highlight the true essence of the fruit that is used in the wine and cider we create.

Bohemian Raspberry Fruit Wine

Don’t be so surprised. This may very well be the best wine you’ll encounter in your lifetime. Aroma consists of sweet red raspberries with subtle hints of black raspberries if you’re good at detecting that sort of thing. Pairs well with uncomfortable social situations like being forced to attend small children’s birthday parties with other parents you’d rather avoid or suffering through a dinner with your in-laws. Barrel aged the perfect amount of time because we said so.

Blue Collar Berry Wine

This bottle contains 100% blueberries and you’re just going to have to take our word for it. It’s pretty dry. The taste is synonymous with blueberries that are fermented. Pairs well with an existential crisis and that load of laundry you refuse to fold and put away. Aged in a barrel long enough to figure out what we wanted to do with it. Save the cork because it’s pretty cool and deserves to be a part of that cheesy craft project you know you’ve been contemplating making.

Peachy Green Fruit Wine

Once upon a time we met a winemaking guru who claimed peach wine was trash and we vowed to prove him wrong. This successful blend is made entirely of our Jersey grown yellow peaches with an added medley of homegrown grapes to fill the rest of the barrel. There’s definitely some sugar in here in case you couldn’t tell. Pairs well with that unfortunate situation you had that one time with that one person and a really good fish dinner. Or another dinner if fish isn’t your thing. We won’t judge but Bob might.

Dirt Road Red Fruit Wine

Red juicy strawberries were smooshed and fermented then blended with some apple cider to create a work of art for your taste buds. This wine is full of tasty tastes with a hint of genius that we don’t like to brag about. Pairs well with those annoying bachelor/bachelorette destination parties that everyone is doing where you have to spend your life savings and forgo an actual vacation of your choosing. Oh, and we made it sparkling because we wanted to. 

Bog Romance Fruit Wine

Another apple wine for you to enjoy because we grow a lot of apples. Hints of tartness fill your mouth because cranberries are tart and we added some in during fermentation. Enjoy at room temperature in a plastic solo cup or chilled in a fluted crystal wine glass. Or the other way around. Doesn’t really matter.  Pairs nicely with a turkey dinner or with “Friendsgiving” because apparently that’s a thing now.

Rhumor Me Fruit Wine

Tart rhubarb wine blended with apple with a pinch of sugar. Smooth notes of awesomeness combined with a splash of kryptonite make this wine a sure crowd pleaser. If you thought vegetables made into wine was weird kindly pull the stick out of your ass.  May create a wanton disregard for convention along with heightened sense of adventure. Great with fresh roadkill or butter poached lobster. 

Dead Flowers Hard Cider

Hints of lavender hit your palette at first sip, mostly because we used lavender to make this cider. If your taste buds are refined enough you might even taste subtle notes of apple, mostly because we used apples to make this as well. Pairs perfectly with binging your guilty pleasure tv show or embarrassing your daughter in front of her friends. Open before drinking. 

Sanguine Hard Cider

Nothing says fresh and crisp like squeezing the life out of some apples to get the real good stuff. It’s the juice, people. This blend contains the best of what this farm has to offer and probably more because we’re harsh critics. Slightly bitter and sweet, just like us. Bursting with apples, this cider could very well be the beverage you were missing in your life. Pairs well with just existing on this planet.

Bourbon for Apples Hard Cider

Made especially for all those poor unfortunate souls who are gluten free and miss the taste of hops. A blend of our best apples fermented and aged in a bourbon barrel and then forced to hang out with some hops for a bit until everyone could get along. This cider smacks of beer-loving satisfaction without having anything to do with beer. Prepare for your taste buds to be tantalized and teased by this unique cider that carries the perfect balance between semi-sweet apples and citrus-bitter hops. Best enjoyed with a group of friends of legal drinking age while visiting the best corn maze which just happens to be where this cider is made, a true win-win.

Bloody Knuckles Hard Cider

If this cider could go to school, it would graduate top of its class while also winning the award for most popular. This heavy hitter consists of pure Honeycrisp apples grown right here on the farm and nothing else because it’s popular, remember? And to make things even cooler, we added blood orange to spice things up. Be prepared for a wondrous mix of flavors and zest for a floral citrus tantalizing explosion of epic proportions. If you’re thinking to yourself that sounds really intense, congrats you’d be correct. This perfection pairs wholeheartedly with those quintessential summer night vibes around the campfire or huddled alone on the couch with that box of mac and cheese you intend to eat entirely by yourself.