Fruit Wines & Ciders

Morris County NJ's first farm winery

Meet Our Team

Dale Davis IV

The man, the myth, the legend. He plants, grows, and tends to all the fruit and vegetable production at Stony Hill, while also fixing everything we break.

Dana Ronyack-Davis

Keeper of Dale. Maker of wine. Needed cheaper wine to support her wine consumption habit fueled by her three feral farm kids.

Sarah Aromando

Unofficial family member. Doesn’t know how to say “No” so she was forced to join this project. Needs to make wine to keep her creative side alive since the rest of her is dead.

Kaitlyn Davis

Gives us her blessing to use her fruit in our wine.

Brandt Davis

Gives us unsolicited advice. Inspired our company name.

Felicia Burns

Wine labeler, event planner, & emotional support human for winemakers.

Greg Sweedy

Official taste tester. Picks things up and puts them down.

Carol & Dale Davis III

Reluctantly approved wine venture then quickly moved to Florida.