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Morris County NJ's first farm winery

Our Story

About Stony Hill Farms

Stony Hill Farms began in 1988 with cut orchid flowers. We have since expanded to growing sustainably grown produce that is sold directly to our local community. We can proudly say the fruit and vegetables we harvest are a product of homegrown love and dedication to growing the best quality products the Garden State has to offer.

About Rebel Sheep Wine Co.

Rebel Sheep Wine Co. - Chester, New Jersey

It all started way back in 2021, the best apple harvest to ever grace New Jersey left us with an abundance of fruit at the end of the season with no place to go.

We put on our thinking caps and brainstormed what could be done with these apples….Pies? Applesauce? Apple Cheese? Apple Juice? Wine?!?!

Thus we entered into the longest ever process of making wine and cider from our delicious homegrown fruits. Two years later we finally received our license to produce and sell our creations to the public.

What’s behind the name?

The foundation of Rebel Sheep Wine Co. stems from the heart of the family that built it. We are rebel sheep in the wine industry; creating wines and ciders with the fruits that we grow and nothing else. This
means there are no traditional wine grapes to be found. Our creations are made from the fruits and vegetables we grow and pick ourselves from our farm in Morris County, NJ. To be a rebel you must stand
apart from the herd, and we do just that; producing wines and ciders that set us apart from your traditional wine bottles found on store shelves. To sweeten the deal, we make wine from the fruits NJ is famous for.
Known as the Garden State for a reason, our home is a top 10 producer of some of the most popular fruits in the nation.