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15 North Road
Chester, NJ 07930

Open in the fall!
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Maze Fun Park ~ Chester, NJ


Maize Quest Mazes

2018 - Age of Edison

Our 2018 maze celebrated the life and inventions of Thomas Edison!
Maize Quest Mazes

2017 - Sea Turtle Rescue

Visitos learned about the ecological role of sea turtles, the threats endangering them, and ways to protect their future while exploring the corn maze! They discover interesting facts about sea turtles and ways to help this threatened species make a comeback!
Maize Quest Mazes

2016 - Rutgers 250!

Stony Hill helped celebrate the 250th anniversary of the State University of New Jersey. Visitors explored the Maze Fun Park and learned about the history of Rutgers and its influence on New Jersey agriculture!

Maize Quest Mazes

2015 - Knights & Dragons

The Dark Ages were explored by knights and ladies. Visitors learned the customs and life in medieval Europe in the Age of Chivalry.
Maize Quest Mazes

2014 - NJ 350

Visitors celebrated the 350th birthday of the state of New Jersey as they got lost in the history of New Jersey. The maze design featured dates cut into a corn field maze with a patriotic theme and also featuring NJ-fresh produce.
Maize Quest Mazes

2013 - Governor's Race

The 2013 maze featured two of the candidates for the 2013 Garden State gubernatorial race - incumbent Chris Christie and nominee Barbara Buono. As visitors explored the maze, they could learn interesting facts about the state of New Jersey and discover the historic landmarks of the State.
Maize Quest Mazes

2012 - Great Train Adventure

In 2012, visitors could take a fascinating ride through the history of railroad in America and discover the role of early steam locomotives in the expansion of a newly formed nation. The maze design included a dynamic view of a steam locomotive.
Maize Quest Mazes

2011 - Let Freedom Ring

Maize Quest Mazes

2010 - NJ Farm Adventure

Visitors explored the giant tractor as it plowed the fields of Jersey goodness and experienced a field of fun and challenge as they played games and learned about the importance of Agriculture in the Garden State.

Maize Quest Mazes

2009 - Rainforest

From the air, the maze looked like an exotic jungle of plants and animals. Visitors experienced a field of fun and challenge as they discovered games, rubbings, and clues to find their way out. Maize-o-vision secret de-coders helped navigate the puzzle.

Maize Quest Mazes

2008 - Vote!

Visitors explored the heritage of our freedoms and discovered the importance of voting in safeguarding the rights that were passed down from our founding fathers. Maize-o-vision secret de-coders helped navigate the puzzle. The maze design included the elephant and donkey representing both political parties.

Maize Quest Mazes

2007 - Manhattan

Take a bite out of the "Big Apple" and explore the history, legend, and culture that make Manhattan one of the greatest cities in the world. Discover the challenges New Yorkers faced in the past and the challenges of the future. Maze design includes the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan sky-line.

Maize Quest Mazes

2006 - Space Exploration

Journey into the final frontier of space as mankind reaches out to the stars. Discover highlights of space exploration or find fun facts about life in space. Maze design includes the Shuttle, space walk, and the Earth.

Maize Quest Mazes

2005 - Outback Adventure

Go to the land down under and explore the island continent's fascinating history, natural wonders, and unique animals. Maze design includes a kangaroo.

Maize Quest Mazes

2004: Dinosaurs

Search the remote past when thunder lizards roamed the earth. Explore all the ages of dinosaurs that spanned millions of years to the ultimate extinction of these giants. Maze design includes T-Rex.

Maize Quest Mazes

2003 - Escape from Egypt

Travel back in time to the dynasties of ancient Egypt to discover the secrets the great pyramids, mummies, and the Sphinx. Maze design includes the Sphinx, and pyramids.

Maize Quest Mazes

2002 - Pirate Ship

Take to the high seas of the Golden Age of Piracy to discover the history and surprising customs of Pirates of the Caribbean. Find nine hidden salty pirates and their pirate flags. Maze design includes a pirate ship and desert island.