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Pick Your Own Strawberries, Pumpkins, and Apples ~ Chester, NJ

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Pick-Your-Own Strawberries - New Jersey

Pick Your Own Strawberries

Have you ever bitten into a plump red strawberry that’s been warmed by the sun? You take a bite, and juice runs down your chin as your taste buds explode with the flavor that only comes from a perfectly ripened strawberry.

If you know what we’re talking about, then you’ll be as excited as we are that we’ve planted 2 acres of strawberries at Stony Hill Farm Market. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then you won’t want to miss your chance at tasting a bite of heaven.

Pick Your Own at Stony Hill is open daily 10AM - 5PM during harvest season dependent on weather and crops.

IMPORTANT: Please call (908) 879-2908 or check our U-Pick News for the most updated information before planning your trip.

Pricing & Picking Info

  • Strawberries are priced at $3.99/lb and must be paid for at our Farm Market
    (Price includes containers)
  • Entry fee: $2.99 plus tax per person (Price includes admission to the field, picking boxes, and access to Rope Maze, Tile Maze, and Barnyard Boardgame)
  • Customers must follow all rules and regulations
  • Customers must stay in fields that are designated for picking
  • Please pick only what you intend to purchase
  • Please refrain from eating in the fields
  • Pets are not allowed due to health regulations
  • All picking activities are outdoors in our farm fields and require walking long distances
  • Fields are on uneven ground so please dress appropriately
  • What to wear: outdoor clothing, comfortable closed toe shoes
  • What to bring: sunblock, water, insect repellent

Hours & Availability

Pick-your-own dates and availability are based on growing season and weather. Please call or check our Facebook page to see what varieties are ripe and/or to check for weather closings.


Typical Growing Season: End of May through June
Hours: Daily 10AM-5PM (Picking 'til 4PM; Fields close at 5PM)
Location: Farm Market


Typical Growing Season: September 3rd through mid October
Hours: Daily 10AM-5PM (Gardens) | Sat & Sun 10AM-5PM (Maze Fun Park)
Locations: Gardens and Maze Fun Park


Typical Growing Season: September 28th - October 30th
Hours: Saturdays & Sundays from 10AM to 4PM
Locations: Gardens and Maze Fun Park

 Pick Your Own Strawberries  Pick Your Own Pumpkins   Pick Your Own Apples